Pool Hours/Regulations

Pool Hours : May 24th - August 11th

Monday -                                10am-6pm(Limited food service)
Tuesday-Thursday                10am-8pm
Friday -                                   10am-10pm
Saturday -                               10am-9pm
Sunday -                                 10am-9pm

*The snack Bar closes one hour prior to closing every day. 

Pool Hours: August 12th-September 2nd

Monday-Thursday-                         12-6pm(main pool only)
Friday-                                              12-4pm(main pool only)
Friday-                                               4-9pm
Saturday-                                         10am-9pm
Sunday-                                           10am-9pm

*Labor Day is closing day: the pool will open 10am-8pm.

Guest Fees: $5 per person, $15 maximum per family. 

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CCR Pool Rules:



1) The lifeguard is in charge and has full authority to enforce
all rules, both written and unwritten.

2) No one may enter the pool area unless a lifeguard is on duty. Pool
operating hours are posted at the pool.

3) All members and guests must register with the attendant
before entering pool area to swim or lounge.

4) The same guest will be permitted only six times per year.

5) A Nanny or Babysitter must be registered at the club. The club will
furnish a form for this purpose. An identification card will be
issued to the Nanny or Babysitter upon registration. The caregiver
must be at least 16 years of age.  A processing fee of $50.00 per caregiver will be
charged for the entire summer.

6) All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

7) Swimming is permitted in the general pool, but not in the diving
pool or in the slide pool.

8) The lifeguard or club management may refuse admission to the pool
to anyone with an infectious disease, sores, or rashes.

9) Athletic equipment, (tennis balls, volley balls, etc.) is not permitted
in the pool area.

10) Flotation devices, life jackets, water pistols, and toys, are not
permitted in the pool area.

11) Children wearing water wings are not permitted to use the diving
boards or the water slides and must be accompanied in the water by
a responsible person, 16 years of age or older.

12)Rubber pants are required for all children not potty

    a) Families with younger children vulnerable to “biological”
    acts of nature must see that their child is wearing protective
    swim diapers in the pool at all times.
    (These are available at check-in.)
    b) There are consequences that parents must face in case of
    “accidents” in the pool, for both health and loss of revenue
    Due to immediate closure of up to 24 hours.
    c) On a family’s first incident, a $500 fine will be charged to
    the member’s account.
    d) On a family’s second incident, the fine is doubled to
    $1,000 and all pool privileges are suspended for that family
    for the remainder of the season.
    e) Guests of families will be viewed as a family member in
    these particular instances.

13) Children 6-11 years of age who have passed a mandatory swim
test must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older
at all times in the pool area. Those who do not pass must be
accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult (16 years or older)
in the pool at all times.

14)  Children 6-11 years of age must be able to pass a
mandatory swim test by the lifeguards to use the slides, diving &
main pool.

15) Children age 11 & under must be accompanied by a parent or a
responsible adult (15 years or older) in the pool and pool area
at all times.

16) Non-swimmers and novice swimmers are not permitted to use the
slides or the diving boards.

17) Lifeguard stands are off limits to all people except lifeguards.

18) "Adult Swim" may be called once each hour for up to ten
minutes. Only people 18 years or older are allowed in the pool
during adult swim. ONE child, 5 and under, per adult is permitted
in the pool if accompanied by an adult and maintained within
arms length of the adult. The adult assumes full responsibility for
the child in lieu of the guard's absence from the stand. All other
children must remain at least 3 or more feet away from the pool's

19) Glass containers may not be brought into the pool area at any time.

20) Only food and beverage purchased at the Club may be consumed in
the pool area.

21) Swimming attire is not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse or pro
shops without appropriate cover-up.

22) Pool furniture shall not be removed from the pool area at any time.

23) Running, misconduct, horseplay, and rowdiness will not be
tolerated in the pool area. Violators will be asked to leave the pool
area and their names will be submitted to the Club Management for
disciplinary action.

24) Members will be responsible for disposal of their own trash in the
pool area.

25) No radios, tape players, etc. are permitted without the use of

26) The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. All towels
and clothing left at the pool will be discarded each Wednesday
during the pool season.

27) All pool parties must be coordinated through the Club’s
Catering/Food & Beverage Office.

28) Smoking will be only allowed in designated areas.


1) Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board. Divers
must dive straight off of the board and not to the sides. Divers may
not remain in diving area.

2) Only one person at a time is permitted on any ladder.

3) Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board.


1) Only one person at a time is permitted on the slides.
2) Single file only on the slide tower & no passing in line.
3) Sliders must slide feet first down the slide.
4) Sliders may not remain in the slide pool.
5) Slides may only be open when an attendant is on duty.



1) Parents are responsible for their children in the wading pool. The
wading pool is not life guarded; therefore, parents must be at the
wading pool watching their children. No Children over 5 years
old will be permitted in the wading pool.


1) Parents are responsible for their children in the playground area.
The playground is not supervised; therefore, a parent or a
responsible person must be at the playground watching their 5 and
under children. The playground is designated for ages 10 &
2) There will be no standing on, nor jumping from the top of the
monkey bars.



1) All disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors