Dress Codes

Dining Room

Dress denim jeans without holes and worn appropriately around the waist are an acceptable form of attire in the clubhouse. Except when specifically authorized for a special function, short -shorts, cut-offs, bathing suits, and tank tops, are NOT ALLOWED in the club house.   Collarless shirts, warm-up suits, sweatpants, and workout attire may only be worn in the locker rooms or sport and fitness areas.  In the clubhouse, tennis attire is allowed only in the Magnolia dining room.  Gentlemen are requested to remove their hats or caps in the dining room areas.  Shirttails should be tucked in.  Dress code for participation in athletic events includes attire appropriate to that sport.  Dress code for organized social events shall be that which has been posted for the event.  The specified attire shall be appropriate for that event even if it contradicts other rules concerning attire specified from time to time. 

Golf Range/Golf Course

All players and volunteers, including men, women and juniors, shall wear acceptable golfing attire on the driving range, putting green and golf course. Persons in unacceptable attire will not be allowed to use any of the golf facilities. Spectators in the core area of the club are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a Country Club. Country Club of Roswell is a spikeless facility. Conventional metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course, clubhouse or pro shops. 

Examples of acceptable attire on the golf range/golf course:

*Collar type shirts
*Turtlenecks and Mock Turtlenecks
*Men's walking or Bermuda shorts that are mid-thigh in length or longer
*Ladies shorts, skirts and skorts that are mid-thigh in length or longer
*Golf Appropriate Shoes
*Headwear must be worn facing forward
*All players must tuck in their shirts unless the shirt is specifically designed to be worn without being tucked in and is appropriate to golf attire.

Examples of unacceptable attire on the golf range/golf course:

*Tank Tops 
*Halter Tops
*Running Shorts
*Gym Shorts
*Denim (all types of jeans, pants, shorts, or shirts)
*Tennis Clothing
*Any clothing item that is ripped, torn, frayed or excessively soiled.


Proper tennis attire is always required on the courts, including shirts and tennis shoes.  When wearing bike shorts, leggings or tights they must by covered up by a pair of shorts or tennis skirt.  Jogging bras are allowed with a proper cover-up.  Shoes must be non-marking court shoes, running shoes are not allowed.